Hello, my name is Gosiame!
I am eagerly awaiting a sponsor. Your support will enable me to experience new opportunities in education and to advance in everyday life, through physical, mental and spiritual growth.
I am 12 years old
My birthday is on the 04
of February
I Am a boy from South Africa
Child ID: 9

More About Me.

Correspondence language:

Sepedi and Engilsh
grade 6‚ Attends school regularly‚

Orphan/not orphan:

Father is Deceased
Family Duties
Wash the dishes
Hobbies and Sports
Dancing‚ Playing netball
My Hometown
I live in Botlokwa‚ a beautiful rural town surrounded by mountains which lies to the north of Polokwane City in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Although it is a friendly community‚ we face many problems which make our lives challenging. The area is experiencing drought‚ and we have no running water‚ so our farm animals are suffering. High unemployment has led to poverty‚ with most families surviving on small grants from the government. This has led to an increase in crime‚ and alcoholism is rampant‚ especially as there are no facilities or entertainment for the young people‚ so many of them frequent the shebeens (informal taverns) in the town. Teenage pregnancies are commonplace. Despite all this‚ our community is hospitable‚ welcoming people from many different African countries among us and we enjoy the mix of our modern shopping centre and our African traditions.